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10/11/2009 9:31:25 PMrencontre et loisirs asbl Big Health Care Vote Coming on Tuesday 

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The Senate Finance Committee is taking a big vote Tuesday on Health Care Reform. My understanding is that a public option is not yet dead. After Tuesday's vote, what comes out of the Senate is to be reconciled with what's coming out of the House.

If you haven't already contacted your senators and representatives, hit 'em with emails or phone calls NOW. I just fired off some more emails tonight, urging my two Texas senators and my congressman to support keeping a public plan on the table.

The League of Women Voters just put out a release saying the health insurance companies are combating every effort to make them cover pre-existing conditions, claiming it's bad for their bottom lines.

I know my two Texas senators will not listen to me, as they are very pro-business. My congressman is for a public option, but he's getting a lot of flak from the opposition.

It doesn't matter if you think they will listen to you. Their aides have to read the emails, and if they get enough of them from people demanding the same thing, they start to pay attention.

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10/13/2009 4:19:06 AMprogramme rencontres de la villette Big Health Care Vote Coming on Tuesday 

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This is the Baucus bill. I don't know if its better for liberals to vote for or against it. It has some terrible components including no public option with a mandate for all individuals to purchase health insurance and a fine for those who don't. I don't believe in the non-profit cooperatives that this bill would create. I think that they are a worthless red herring disguised as an alternative to the public option.

There are four other bills passed by other committees (3 in the house and 1 in the senate) which are really good bills. Those four bills all include the public option. My question is this: What if the Baucus committee fails to pass this bill. Will that be the end of health insurance reform?


The house is going to pass a bill and its going to include a public option. The senate health committe (now chaired by Tom Harkin since Ted Kennedy died) has passed a public option bill which will be very similiar to the bill that gets passed by the house. So why do we need this Baucus bill to pass. I'm not an expert on this subject. Enlighten me, please. If the Baucus committee fails to pass a bill because it is opposed both by republicans and by liberal democrats, then why can't the senate just focus on the bill that has passed the health committee and the bill sent over by the house. Why do we need this terrible Baucus bill to pass.

I am willing to be instructed here if I am wrong. I want reform. I want a public option. But right now I'm thinking that the best way to get what I want is to vote NO on this bad bill. I don't know how the liberals on this committee will vote but I am hoping that they vote against this bill simply because it is not a good bill.

11/7/2009 11:22:36 AMquand un scorpion rencontre un poisson Big Health Care Vote Coming on Tuesday 

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I really think its going to take the President to come in and tell Harry Reed that the plan that a majority of American's want - one with a public option cannot be passed if Reed insists that the vote (for a public option) must follow Senate Cloture Rules (needing 60 Yes Votes), and he wants Reed to declare that Senate Rules will be suspended, and the the vote will take place using Reconciliation (requiring 50 + 1 Votes) Rules.

But the President has to do this, and I don't think this President has the grit to call for Reconciliation....sad but thats the way I see it. Hope I'm wrong.